Tomioka Silk Brand Certification System


Japan’s domestic silk industry - which has been supporting the Tomioka Silk Mill so far - was steadily declining, pressured by low-priced products from abroad, but since the registration on the World Heritage List, Tomioka Silk that has engraved its name in History is once again in the spotlight.

Created on this occasion by the Tomioka Silk Brand Association, the Tomioka Silk Brand Certification Committee has launched in 2016 a certification system for attractive silk products meeting certification criteria.
Among the products that have received a certification upon examination for proposal and product certification, the committee issues a “Tomioka Silk Platina Trademark” to certify those which have demonstrated especially outstanding qualities in terms of design and originality.

The committee, while guaranteeing production area and quality to the consumer, also aims at the promotion of local sericulture through its efforts toward the diffusion of Tomioka Silk Brand certificated products.
This diffusion allows the committee to promote the “TOMIOKA SILK” as well as to inherit and develop Japanese sericulture and silk culture.

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